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Building Features

One of the best things about The Spinnaker at Club Laiya is its similarity to other beach towns of Landco. The residential condo community is registered under the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) green building program. The project seeks to curb its carbon footprint. Expect a hotel-like atmosphere in and out of the Spinnaker tower. 

Amenities & Facilities

As hotel-like indulgences, the Spinnaker at Club Laiya features a lobby unlike any other. The well-designed lobby beckons you to relax in a home overlooking the beach. Your home along the beach hosts a Spa, a gym, a 250-meter infinity pool, a kid’s play area; a lounge, a bar, a sky bar, a ballroom for social and corporate functions, and a helipad. The Spinnaker also has meeting rooms and parking spaces for residents and guests. What is more interesting is that residents and investors will have access to the amenities and activities at Club Laiya. They will enjoy the benefits of access to these amenities & facilities of Club Laiya under the Landco Privilege Program.

The Spinnaker San Juan also offers a beach promenade, a beach clubhouse, and Plaza & Central Park. Some of the amenities and facilities of Club Laiya, which residents and investors of The Spinnaker will enjoy are The Cocoons and The Isle. Also, the luxurious community offers tree-lined walkways, pedestrian routes, bicycle lanes, common areas that offer serene spaces for work, and 24/7 security with CCTV, among others.

The Cocoons: The Cocoons are private sleeping nooks shaped like a huge drainage pipe. These pods have unique features with colorful facets. The shape is reminiscent of capsule hotels, but with an exclusive atmosphere overlooking the beach. The Cocoons offer extraordinary lodging (mostly overnight stays) experiences for those seeking adventure amidst the wild and the beach.

The Isle: The Isle facilities offer an amazing view of the ocean and the pristine white sand beachfront. But for a more nature-infused feel, the Isle is surrounded by different species of trees and floral landscapes.

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